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An intro from Wes

Hey - it's Wes Linden here. When I grew up, I loved watching chat shows, seeing people being interviewed and learning more about them. Whether it was Terry Wogan, Michael Parkinson, Jeremy Paxman, David Letterman or Oprah Winfrey, I always envied the interviewer, who had the chance to pick the brains of people with a story, and to help them unravel their journey, and not only learn from the person in the hot seat, but give great value to the audience too.

Having achieved some entrepreneurial and sporting success myself, I have often been the subject of such interviews too.

However, I made a conscious decision not to only be person quizzed. The best learners are interested, curious and ask questions, so I like to be the interviewer too! After all, there is only one thing that compounds faster than interest, and that's learning!

So welcome to 'Wes Linden Chats With' - which will become a series of interviews with top people in their field.

Wes Linden chats with Randy Gage

In the first of this series, Wes Linden chats with Randy Gage, the New York Times Best-Seller, and one of the highest earners in network marketing, in a must-listen interview for distributors of all levels.

This audio combines the wealth of experience from two top industry leaders and best-selling authors.

You'll hear real-world, actionable advice and tips on getting started, building your customer base, growing your team culture, motivating your team and much, much more...

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